ALBUM REVIEW: On My Side (Kim Walker-Smith)


Have you ever noticed after watching a movie or a TV show that the voices in your head start sounding like one or more of the characters in it?That tells me that we can manage the voices that come in and out of our heads by the things we choose to see or listen to. Of course, there are the inevitable instances where we can’t control them and in those instances, we can just be careful that they don’t get planted in our hearts. But, in a lot of cases, we have the choice.


The music is in our playlists is such a case.

As I’ve mentioned before, listening to the right music is going to help plant the truth in your heart and therefore in your mind.

One album that I’ve been listening to lately is Kim Walker-Smith’s new album, On My Side and it’s definitely one that I would recommend.

My favorite song in it is “Rise.” Not only does it make me want to dance, but it also resonates with me a lot. Who wouldn’t fall in love with lyrics like “...All the pieces of my heart/ They light up like the dawn in the dark,” “There’s still music in the pain…,” and “You hold my heart through every night...?” You can listen to it here and tell me what you think in the comments section.

Another favorite of mine is “Glimpse.” It’s also an upbeat song that provides me with a prayer that I want to have: “Spirit of God come alive in me/ I want to live in your reality/ Give me a glimpse/ Give me a glimpse into eternity…” Furthermore, it is true that God is “...greater than my wildest dreams.”

The title track, “On My Side,” has verses and a bridge that definitely paint the picture of God being on my side. The chorus then becomes a declaration of truth: “You are on my side/ You go before me/ You stand behind/ You tell my fear to run/ Always and forever/ I am loved/ You are on my side/ You are on my side.” I love all the lines in the song. For example, “In the tragedy,/ you grieve with me/ Your comfort is my song.”

The whole album just takes you into God’s presence if you’ll let it.

Someone who is very knowledgeable in the music industry gave me the advice to put together a playlist on Spotify of songs I’d like my songs to sound like when I create a new music project.

My question for you is “What do you want your thoughts to sound like?” If you want it to sound like the truth, then you need to plant the truth into your heart and mind.


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:-) Christine

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P.S. I am not a doctor. I am simply one who has been through anxiety and depression and therefore would like to encourage others who are going through it. I, by no means advocate not seeing a professional or taking medication. These are to be sought along with the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit.