My Wilderness, God's Miracles

MosesIt was just another day in the wilderness he'd ended up some 40 years ago. Not that he was counting the days.

In fact, he'd gotten used to keeping his father-in-law's flock and had no doubt that it's what he'd be doing for the rest of his life, just like everybody else in that desert land.

The first few years were extremely difficult.

Growing up, he'd thought that for sure he was someone special, only to end up in the middle of nowhere. He was a prince, for crying out loud! Sure, he was adopted, but he was certain that it was God's way to make him Israel's rescuer.

He was only trying to help, taking steps to show Israel that he was on their side. But rather than seeing him for Moses the hero, he became known as Moses the murderer!

What he thought was the right thing to do ended his career before it started, if you will.

His mistake cost him his future.

There were many cries of "Why, God? Why?" "Why me?" "Is this why you rescued me from death at birth, so I can lead sheep?" All he heard from the other end was silence.

As the years went on, the cries stopped and he learned to enjoy the new life he had. At least, it was a far better situation than the slavery his people were in.

Perhaps, he was really never meant to be one of them. That is probably why he was raised in another family's house other than his own.

There was no special purpose.

It was simply his fate to be separated from his family and his people.

Forty years went by, the prime of his life had long passed.

But then, on this non-special day, something happened.

He was cruising along, leading his flock, when he saw a bush burning. He looked again and noticed that it wasn't burning up. When he stepped aside to look a little closer, God spoke to him out of the bush. It was a miracle, because nothing short of a miracle would convince an old man like him that God would speak to him and ask him to do the very thing he had longed to do when he was younger, a dream that had died long ago - saving his people from slavery.

And guess what? When everybody was delivered from Egypt and they ended up roaming around the desert for another 40 years, who had enough experience in the wilderness to know that it's not all that bad? That somewhere, somehow God would always come at the right time and turn things around for the better?

Moses, the man who learned that the only way to doing something great is to follow the orders of the only One who is great - God, Israel's true rescuer.

Father, help us to know that our future is alive in You. You are the only One who can do great things, but these You do using those who follow You.

WORD OF ASSURANCE: Living in the wilderness is not the story of my life. God doing miracles in the midst of my wilderness is the story of my life.

Tweet:God doing miracles in the midst of my wilderness is the story of my life. God doing miracles in the midst of my wilderness is the story of my life.

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