Christine’s music is heartfelt and surprising... Her songwriting feels natural; it is
fluid and convincing as she richly emotes her feelings in the process.
— Mark Wahl, President - Ontario Center for Performing Arts

Christine started writing her first song when she was sick one Sunday and had to stay home, while the rest of her family went to church. When the song was finished and she shared it with her church, her worship leader asked if she could sing it in their upcoming church concert. Soon enough, a second song was birthed and when one of her church friends heard it at a small women's gathering, she asked if she could sing it in their upcoming church concert. It was such a humbling experience for her as she saw how God could use this shy introvert by simply sharing songs God had placed in her heart.

This singer-songwriter who grew up in Quezon City, Philippines, but now lives in Upstate New York, did not have an easy life. Unbeknownst to her parents, the neighborhood they lived in was unsafe for little girls like her. Although the abuse she went through as a child brought some emotional damage, she is grateful for God's restorative power in her life and the gift of music He's given to bring her comfort, encouragement and healing. 

This is what inspired her song, “You Showed Me You Love Me”, realizing that though her past brought her shame, Jesus Christ went through the extreme suffering of the cross so she could be reborn, as the Bridge says, “Into a life without blame/ I can breathe without shame/ I can rise when You rise/ I can walk where You walk/ 'Coz now You live in me/ You're my identity.” This is the message that she wants to share through her music to the sick and the hurting, praying that God will work in their lives as He's worked and continues to work in hers.