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Hi, I’m Christine Waters. I’m a singer-songwriter and blogger. November 30th of 2013, I had an accident that left me with a concussion and injured my neck. Being incapacitated for months on end due to light and soundChristine Waters sensitivity, among other things, I lost my job. I stayed in the dark a lot and could not listen to music or play my instruments, which was very frustrating. I had a lot of setbacks that made it very traumatic to just try and do something, anything. With all this came a lot of anxiety and some depression.

It would be a year and nearly 9 months before I would be able to start working part time again. Now, more than 3 years later, I’ve been able to work full time and have also been recently promoted. It’s all a miracle to me.

God helped  me through what is so far the most difficult period of my life. He gave me songs in the middle of all the turmoil I was going through. So, with my music and blog posts I’d like to help people find hope and know that they can fight to live the life God intended them to have. That is why I call my blog My Future Is Alive.

And if you are that person who is discouraged, depressed or anxious, I’d like to be an encouragement for you. Go ahead and sign up to get free music and you’ll also get my blog posts directly in your email as well.

Listen to what others are saying about Christine Waters!

“Christine Waters has a powerful testimony that is absorbed in her music and poured out onto her audience. She is an overcomer and her music expresses the love of the most powerful, almighty God who delivered her and loves her as only He can. Through her music, people receive ministry that brings them closer to our Father in Heaven.” – DAUN WHITTAKER (Exec. Dir., VICTORY TRANSFORMATION, INC.)

“From the first time I heard Christine sing, I was immediately impressed by her vocal talents. Her voice has a clear, strong, distinct tonal quality, and the sincere emotional connection to her songs is obvious in her phrasing and delivery. Christine has a spiritual foundation in her music that captures and holds the attention of any audience seeking a high-quality music experience.” – LARRY HOYT (Radio Host, WAER-FM)

“Christine’s music is heartfelt and surprising. Some of her compositions walk that line between literal contemporary Christian compositions and personal spiritual statements anyone will appreciate. Her songwriting feels natural; it is fluid and convincing as she richly emotes her feelings in the process.

I look forward to her every appearance fully expecting to be moved.”


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